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London mayor Sadiq Khan has ordered the Metropolitan Police to conduct an official review of the ‘form 696’ risk assessment application, which can be used to shut down live music events.

Khan has called for the re-evaluation following a meeting earlier this week with venue owners, music organisations, DJs and artists including Funk Butcher, DJ Ritu and British Underground.

The form, which must be submitted for approval two weeks before an event by an artist or promoter, is designed to help security and police work with the event’s team to minimise the risk of violence or misconduct.

However, its critics have said the procedure is unfairly used by police to shut down a disproportionate number of live music events by black and Asian artists, particularly grime, garage, R&B and bashment parties.

Khan said: ‘It’s vital that live music events can take place safely and that the Met can help venues to lessen the risk of violent behaviour. [But the form] shouldn’t compromise the capital’s vibrant grassroots music industry or unfairly target one community or music genre.’

In order to continue having the eclectic wealth of music that makes the UK so great, it is integral that we work together to encourage the growth of live music across all genres. Any review that seeks to uphold this is to be commended.’

The review is expected to be completed in 2018.

Earlier this year, Matt Hancock MP wrote to Khan, urging him to address allegations of unfair use of the form to shut down grime events.

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