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Artist: The Times
Title: My Picture Gallery: The Artpop! Recordings
Released: 2021
Style: Rock, Pop, Indie Rock, New Wave
RAR Size: 2.43 Gb


CD 01

01. You Can Get It (3:05)
02. I'm With You (2:38)
03. Your Generation (3:39)
04. Pinstripes (2:33)
05. Dressing Up For The Cameras (4:26)
06. Red With Purple Flashes (1985 Mix) (3:12)
07. The Joke's On Zandra (2:33)
08. Nowhere To Run (2:13)
09. No Hard Feelings (2:31)
10. My Andy Warhol Poster (3:59)
11. Man From Uncle (5:18)
12. Reflections In An Imperfect Mirror (2:51)
13. Red With Purple Flashes (Single Version) (3:22)
14. Biff! Bang! Pow! (Single Version) (2:53)
15. My Andy Warhol Poster (JJ Foster Mix) (4:00)
16. Pinstripes (JJ Foster Mix) (2:35)
17. The Joke's On Zandra (JJ Foster Mix) (2:41)
18. Nowhere To Run (JJ Foster Mix) (2:17)
19. No Hard Feelings (JJ Foster Mix) (2:37)
20. You Can Get It (JJ Foster Mix) (3:01)
21. Theme From Man From Uncle (JJ Foster Mix) (5:19)
22. Reflections In An Imperfect Mirror (JJ Foster Mix) (2:51)
23. My Andy Warhol Poster (McGoohan Sessions) (3:43)
24. Joe, Dan And Me... Before The Creation Context Speech: Edward Ball December 1999 (0:17)

CD 02

01. Picture Gallery (3:39)
02. Biff Band Pow! (2:52)
03. It's Time! (2:46)
04. If Now Is The Answer (3:49)
05. A New Arrangement (3:10)
06. Looking At The World Through Dark Shades (3:37)
07. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (2:57)
08. Pop Goes Art! (Medley In Mono) (2:43)
09. Miss London (4:01)
10. The Sun Never Sets (4:00)
11. Easy As Pie (4:28)
12. This Is Tomorrow (8:06)
13. Have You Seen The Beautiful People (3:07)
14. This Is Tomorrow (Alternative Ending) (5:02)
15. Picture Gallery (McGoohan Sessions) (3:25)
16. The Sun Never Sets (McGoohan Sessions) (4:06)
17. Easy As Pie (McGoohan Sessions) (4:01)
18. Theme From "Dangerman" (McGoohan Sessions) (1:46)
19. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (Single Version) (3:08)
20. Theme From "Dangerman" (Alternative Session Take) (1:49)
21. Goodbye Piccadilly (October 1981 Version) (3:19)
22. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (A Splash Of Colour Version) (2:58)
23. I Haven't Seen Him...In Anybody Else Speech: Edward Ball December 1999 (0:16)

CD 03

01. This Is London (3:32)
02. Goodbye Piccadilly (3:36)
03. Whatever Happened To Thamesbeat (3:06)
04. If Only (3:38)
05. Big Painting (3:30)
06. Goodnight Children Everywhere (2:30)
07. The Party (3:43)
08. Stranger Than Fiction (2:56)
09. (There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool (3:24)
10. Will Success Spoil Frank Summit? (1:09)
11. The Chimes Of Big Ben (3:55)
12. This Green And Pleasant Land (5:39)
13. Here Come The Holidays (3:34)
14. Three Cheers For The Sun (3:32)
15. All Systems Are Go! (4:48)
16. Up Against It (Long Version) (4:25)
17. Big Painting (Alternative Session Take) (3:40)
18. Whatever Happened To Thamesbeat (Alternative Session Take) (3:09)
19. This Is London (Alternative Session Take) (3:41)
20. All Systems Are Go! (Alternative Session Take) (4:54)

CD 04

01. Radiate (2:43)
02. Blue Fire (4:38)
03. Victory Drums (3:56)
04. Everything Turns To Black And White (4:25)
05. Boys Brigade (3:08)
06. Where The Blue Begins (2:58)
07. Public Reaction Killed This Cat (3:56)
08. Faith (2:57)
09. Things We've Learnt (3:44)
10. Kulturshock (4:50)
11. Power is Forever (3:29)
12. Stop In The Name Of Love (4:31)
13. Tears On A Rainy Sunday (4:27)
14. I'll See you In My Dreams (2:55)
15. Power is Forever (Alternative Session Take) (3:36)
16. Biff! Bang! Pow! (Live, Germany, 1985) (3:35)
17. Red With Purple Flashes (Live, Germany, 1985) (3:30)

CD 05

01. Up Against It (4:25)
02. Last Tango For One (3:05)
03. Boys About Town (2:32)
04. Garden In The Moonlight (Love Theme For McTurk And Rowena) (1:34)
05. WPC Boon (2:40)
06. Most Modern Woman In The World (2:42)
07. Jacks Revolution (3:57)
08. Ladies Of The Cause (1:52)
09. Mutiny In The British Empire (3:39)
10. Escape! (2:06)
11. She's A Professional (2:25)
12. It's Cabaret Time! (2:00)
13. The War (3:05)
14. The Wedding Song (3:53)
15. David Jones (Is On His Way) (4:52)
16. Victim (3:28)
17. Song For Joe Orton (2:47)
18. London Boys (4:06)
19. Dada Europe (I'm So Caught Up About You) (4:29)
20. Oranges And Lemons (3:06)
21. Dial L For Love (2:28)

CD 06

01. Britannia Sleeps Tonight (3:02)
02. Something Like The Truth (2:50)
03. (Where To Go) When The Sun Goes Down (2:39)
04. Times TV (3:18)
05. Think Big! (1:15)
06. Housewives Law (3:06)
07. The Third Wave (3:01)
08. The American Way (2:56)
09. Winning Hearts And Minds (3:56)
10. Cousin Frank Goes To Hollywood (1:03)
11. Enjoy (2:42)
12. Dream Now (Young America) (2:28)
13. Times Radio (3:02)
14. When The Talking Had To Stop (5:20)
15. Trailer From Enjoy (3:51)
16. The Polite Force (3:49)
17. El Aragua (3:09)
18. Pick It Up (2:53)
19. Times Television Sting (0:15)
20. If Only (Live, The 100 Club, 15 January 1987) (3:48)
21. (There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool (Live, The 100 Club, 15 January 1987) (5:33)
22. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (Thanks For The Trip Dad) (Live, The 100 Club, 15 January 1987) (3:35)

During the first half of the '80s, there were few artists as prolific as the Times' Edward Ball. He cranked out singles and albums like a one-man mod machine, dishing out witty, sardonic songs with hooks as sharp as winklepickers on a seemingly constant basis. That part of the time he was also a member of the Television Personalities makes one wonder where he got his energy from. Cherry Red's six-disc collection My Picture Gallery: The Artpop! Recordings gathers up all the songs recorded by the Times between 1980 and 1986. The set is made up of the group's six albums and numerous singles, all released on Ball's own Artpop! and the label he shared with Dan Treacy of the TVPs, Whaam! Presented in chronological order, it kicks off with the band's 1985 album Go! With the Times since it was recorded in 1980. A jumpy set of mod revival tracks highlighted by a ripping cover of Jimmy Cliff's "You Can Get It" and the mod-psych gem "Red with Purple Flashes," it could have been one of the cornerstone releases of the mod revival scene if released on time. By 1985, it must have seemed like a weird time capsule. Their actual debut, 1982's Pop Goes Art!, is built around the mod sound, but shows them casting a wider net that brings in Kinks-y pop, new wave, and twangy spy music. The band's next two albums were built around a central character named Frank Summit; through him Ball examines the modern state of England and finds it wanting. The first of the batch, 1983's This Is London, follows the same basic template as earlier releases, but 1984's Hello Europe embraced modern recording techniques like sampled and drm machines, ending up to be a left-field sophisticated pop surprise. From there Ball turned his attention to creating a soundtrack to the script Joe Orton wrote for the Beatles called Up Against It. Ball's music is suitably Beatlesque, but with tin-can production instead of the Fab Four's usual lush Abbey Round sound. The sixth Times album, 1986's Enjoy, combines the mod revival sound with slick modern production techniques and comes across as their most accessible album. It's still weird, though, and still as much fun as their early records. Surrounding the albums are a wealth of alternate takes, different mixes, singles, B-sides, and stray tracks, some of them super poppy, some of them indulging Ball's artier proclivities. The group's signature song "I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape" turns up a few times, first as a taut mod rocker with snappy vocal harmonies, then as a more new wave-leaning version with keyboards, then finally as a KLF-sounding remix from 1988, and the progression mirrors that of the band. Ball went on to make all sorts of music after this period, some with the Times, some with other groups. All of it was filtered through his wicked sense of humor and inability to make the same record twice. That was certainly the case during the period My Picture Gallery covers, and it makes for a fascinating, sometimes bewildering listen. Any Edward Ball or Times fan willing to take the plunge into this giant collection of their music will be nicely rewarded for their efforts.





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