How to burn an audio CD

How to burn music to CD

Instructions for recording CDs (Audio-CD).

In this manual, we will look at how lossless music can be recorded on a CD in the format of FLAC, APE, WAVPack, etc. Consider the process of recording in two of the most popular programs - EAC and Foobar2000.

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Burn a CD using Exact Audio Copy (EAC).
Official website of the program

In EAC, unlike other programs that record Audio-CD, you can set the recording offset.
Suppose you have already determined what should be the write offset for your drive. Let's start the recording process.

From the beginning we need FLAC format files in WAV. Also, you need an index card (CUE Sheet), which allows you to write an exact copy of the original to disk. For track rips, only a noncompliant cue is needed.

IMPORTANT!!! The name of the audio file (s) and the name of the file (s) in the CUE in the FILE string (s) must be the same. Otherwise, the CUE will refer to a non-existent file.

Open the CUE Sheet with any text editor, such as notepad, and look at the line beginning with FILE, usually the fifth or seventh line,
for example, it looks like this:

FILE "Cerrone - Supernature.flac" WAVE
but since we opened the file in wav, we should call it accordingly:
FILE "Cerrone - Supernature.wav" WAVE
that is, flac, or if it is necessary to change ape to wav. To listen, unclamp is not necessarily important so that the file names and the above line in the CUE Sheet match.

Now let's start the recording process:

1. Unzip the music file in WAV.
2. In EAC, in the top menu, click Tools, in the drop-down menu, click Burn CD-RW ...

3. In the window that opens, in the top menu: click File Next Open an index map ...

4. Select the CUE file of the required album (index card).

A list of tracks to be recorded appears in the bottom window.
5. Then click: Disk, in the drop-down menu: Burn CD-RW ...

6. In the window that opens, make the recording settings and click Ok. Recording starts.

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Burn a CD using Foobar2000.

Official website of the program

Foobar2000 player with great functionality. To record music you will need to install an additional Audio CD Writer plugin.
Download the archive and unpack the .dll file to the components folder located in the program directory. Restart the player.
In the File / Open file tab, open the cue (CUE Sheet) if you have an image, or File / Open folder if you have a folder with tracks.

If you want to create your own collection of tracks from different albums in any order, select which tracks are needed in the playlist, then drag them to the tab bar (where the Play tab is located) and you will have another tab with your playlist You can add tracks from another album.

If you have a folder with tracks, you can simply select the compositions you need from your folders and drag them to the player window.
In the playlist that appears, select the necessary compositions and select the Convert \ Write audio CD item in the context menu.

After making the settings, press ok and voila, the recording will start

A little about the settings before recording.

In the window that appears, configure the necessary recording parameters:
- Device — a recording device.
- Replay Gain Processing - volume equalization technology. More precisely, bring it to the same level. For example, if a compilation is created from tracks from different albums, the volume level may be different, as in the source. When listening you have to adjust the volume all the time. To activate the "leveling" volume, you need to activate the function, in the advanced settings it is not necessary to adjust something.
- DSP Processing - the technology of "improving" (correcting) sound. Plugins that perform some actions on the audio stream on the way from Input plugins to Output. The goal is correction, "improvement", sound redirection.
- Dither - use dithering. The algorithm for processing digital sound, theoretically designed to improve the sound, leading distortion from the mid frequencies to the high frequency region. The effect is based on the fact that, firstly, low-grade acoustics can often have a significant blockage at the edges of the audible range, secondly, the sensitivity of hearing is uneven depending on the frequency, the maximum falls on the average frequencies, and thirdly, subjectively distortions on mid frequencies are perceived much sharper than high distortion. More information about the algorithm can be found by reading the article on Wikipedia.
- Burn gaplessly - recording without gaps. Turning off this function, the program will add two seconds of silence before each track before recording. In the opposite case, the disc is written without inter-track pauses.
In general, on this and everything, enjoy your listening)))

Perhaps in the future we will consider recording discs with the help of other popular programs.

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