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Scorpions - Rock legend of the world
Group: Scorpions | Country: Germany | Year Established: 1966 | Klaus Meine - Vocals | Rudolf Schenker - Guitar | Michael Schenker - Guitar | Lothar Haynberg - bass | Wolfgang Dtsioni - drums

Scorpions - Rock legend of the world

Scorpions - legend of the world of rock. The band plays melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal. Corporate group handwriting - demonic riffs, guitar solos and melodic vocal lines. Also considered to be the best performers of lyrical ballads.

The founder of the group is to Rudolf Schenker (Rudolf Schenker). Since childhood, the guy just simply always had to deal with music - his parents were musicians (his mother played the piano, my father on the violin), Rudolf himself mastered the guitar. And when he had a "elektruha" interest in the instrument woke up at his younger brother Michael (Michael Schenker). Brother - a self-taught taught Michael and soon he was eager to play in the group - the guy has not yet completed the first ten. It was around 1966, the year when Rudy Schenker with his Hanoverian comrades founded the Scorpions. The group then went Rudolf Schenker (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Karl-Heinz Vollmer (Karl-Heinz Vollmer, lead guitar), Akhin Kirchhoff (Achin Kirchoff, bass guitar) and Wolfgang Dtsioni (Wolfgang Dziony, drums, vocals ). At the same time, Schenker, Jr. began to arrange his music career. Together with singer-songwriter Klaus Meine (Klaus Meine) 13-year-old Michael gathered a group of COPERNICUS (Copernicus).

Scorpions - Rock legend of the world

In 70, the pair left the band to join the SCORPIONS. Michael playing the guitar almost has no better teacher-brother, and Klaus with his awesome expressive voice perfectly fit into the group. Basit took Lothar Haynberga (Lothar Heinberg). The first thing the group has been writing and recording the soundtrack to the German feature film called "The Cold Paradise", and then record their debut album "Lonesome Crow" (1972.) That the guys recorded and mixed in just 6-7 days.

Unique style SCORPIONS turned into a combination of two electric guitars: an unusually powerful riffs and solos with dazzling ornate. Soon "Scorpio" opening for Rory Gallagher (Rory Gallagher), Uriah Heep and UFO. By the way the younger Schenker after a joint tour went to the UFO in 1973, to replace guitarist Mick Bolton. Rudolf and Klaus drafted into the army - SCORPIONS split up.

After his military service in the Bundeswehr they first joined the group a good friend Ulrich Roth (Ulrich Roth) called DAWN ROAD, but at the last minute they were able to lure him to her, to revive the "Scorpio". Also, taking a new bassist Francis Buchholz (Francis Buchholz) and drummer Jurgen Rosenthal (Urgen Rosenthal), signed a record deal with RCA and recorded their second CD "Fly To The Rainbow". Do not have time to settle down Jurgen in the team, as he received a summons to the army. In his place was invited Lennersa Rudy (Rudy Lenners). Together with him Scorpions went on his first foreign tour and were the opening act for the famous British glam rockers THE SWEET.

Beginning with the third album "In Trance" (1975) SCORPIONS work with well-known international producer Dieter Dierks. In a tour of Europe, they are the legendary KISS, and touring the UK SCORPIONS honored to perform at the legendary Cavern Club, Liverpool. They were recognized as the best live band in Germany.

SCORPIONS dream of becoming the best German rock band came to life when their fourth album "Virgin Killer" (1976) won the award in Germany "Album of the Year", and in Japan, received the status of "gold" - the first time in the history of the group. The next album, the band recorded again with a new drummer - after several heart attacks Lennersa replaced by Rebella Herman (Herman Rarebell). "Taken By Force" (1977) has also become the "gold" in Japan. Record characteristic found Scorpions В«Brand" - powerful ballads. By finishing the tour in support of the disc they release a double "Tokyo Tapes" (1978). It was the last album with Uli Roth - he assembled his team ELECTRIC SUN and left the SCORPIONS.

Scorpions - Rock legend of the world

At the same time, Michael Schenker also parted with UFO, but not in the same friendly atmosphere as Roth. In SCORPIONS accepted it, but the place really Rota claimed another good musician Matthias Jabs (Matthias Jabs). Schenker Jr. took the same place as lead guitarist, relegating to second place Jabs, playing on three tracks of the new album "Lovedrive" (1979). On tour, they went without the Matthias, but after a half touring Michael soundly drunk and stabbed, and during one of the concerts at all fainted on stage, he had to give up his place in the group of Matthias Yabsu and again to join the UFO. scorpions goldV face Jabs SCORPIONS had finally found a lead guitarist, whose enthusiasm, virtuosity and creativity made ​​a decisive contribution to the success of the group. Thanks to him, their sound is even richer and more expressive, his guitar perfectly complemented the group dynamics.

In the same '79 th they began their first major tour in America, giving concerts in the open air with Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and AC / DC. "Lovedrive" was certified gold in America. In 1980 the band recorded their 7th album in a row - В«Animal MagnetismВ», in which all the solos in all songs played Matthias Jabs. Album is very "alive" in the tradition of the hard rock of the time. To this day, the song from the album is one of the "cut-awaysВ» SCORPIONS.

In the period from 1980 to 1981, the guys toured. As a result - before recording "Blackout" (1982) failed eliminated Klaus Meine. In his larynx
find polyps underwent surgery (not entirely successful - have brought the infection), and then another. In return, the voice of Klaus no one believed. Last hope turned out some Austrian specialist, whose clients have been many famous opera singers. At his insistence, Main began rehearsing at an increasing rate with the best Hanoverian
operatic vocal teachers. And he managed to give himself up to the final recording of the album "Blackout", furthermore the whole group noticed a vocal singer. As a result, the disc went platinum and won the award "Best Hard Rock Album of the Year."

Next two years, "Scorpion" spent "on wheels" - they performed wherever it was possible, at all festivals. Their concerts warmed up then little-known Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Europe.

Next "Love At First Sting" (1984) became one of the most successful albums in rock history. It includes the most furious Skorpovskie things like "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Bad Boys Running Wild" and imperishable masterpiece "Still Loving You". SCORPIONS were admitted to the exclusive club of 30 greatest rock bands of all time. Ballad "Still Loving You" became an international rock anthem. In '85 they released th second live album - "World Wide Live" - ​​a kind of summing up the creative period, after which the group goes to the well-deserved vacation.

"Savage Amusement" (1988), the latest album, Produced by Dieter Dierks, was released in 1988. He reached the 3rd place in the American charts and # 1 - European. During the world tour, SCORPIONS "looked" for the "Iron Curtain" in the USSR, having played in Leningrad 10 sold-out concerts. A year later, in August 1989, the Soviet authorities, inspired by the success of Skorpionovskih concerts in Leningrad, was given the nod to the legendary Moscow Music Festival and the World (Moscow Music Peace Festival). Here SCORPIONS performed together with other monsters of hard rock, such as Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne), Skid Row, Motley Crew and the Russian band Gorky Park - in front of 260,000 Soviet rock fans at the Moscow stadium. Lenin. Being under the influence of the Moscow Festival Kloos wrote the famous "Wind Of Change" - she Steel
worldwide anthem of glasnost and perestroika, a kind of soundtrack to the fall of the "Iron Curtain" of communism and the end of the Cold War. The song was a huge success in the Soviet Union, and Scorpion came again - record a clip. During this visit, the team was invited to the Kremlin to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Scorpions - Rock legend of the world

Next disk became "Crazy World", which is the producers themselves SCORPIONS (with the help of Keith Olsen) - pyatnadtsiteletnee their cooperation with Dieter Dierks stopped.

scorpionsssPosle world tour "Crazy World Tour" SCORPIONS parted ways with bassist Francis Buchholz - and was replaced by Ralph Rickermann (Ralph Rieckermann), with a conservatory education. In 1992, the SCORPIONS got a "musical Peace Prize" as the most successful German rock group. And in '93 -em comes the hardest album "Face The Heat". In the same year, together with the UN SCORPIONS assisted refugees from Rwanda belligerent. In just one week, the band recorded and released the charity single "White Dove".

At the end of 1995, while finishing recording "Pure Instinct" (1996), drummer Herman Rebell veteran SCORPIONS, left the band. He was replaced by James Kottak was taken (James Kottak) from the group KINGDOM COME (c them incidentally also worked Rikerman). In the summer of 1997 the group produced a double CD-collection of his best stuff, but when it came to the print edition, it was found that the distribution network the United States refuse to deal with an album on the envelope which depicts a nude woman, intimate venue which attack the hordes of scorpions. The result was a compromise: part of the edition went to Europe, where he had nothing against such a provocative image, while the American version came in a gray cardboard box.

End of the Millennium Scorpion marked release of the album "Eye To Eye" (1999) - frankly the weakest of their creation. Experiments with sound effects and liking far from all their fans. As an album it certainly is nice to him clearly shown diversity of skills of musicians, but it was not all the usual Scorpion.

Experiments followed and then - SCORPIONS album together and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra "Moment Of Glory" (2000) was released on June 19, 2000. The band recorded old hits in new treatment - especially nice was a new version of the hit "Rock You Like A Hurricane". Also, the band released their eponymous album with a DVD of a joint concert with the orchestra. In February 2001, the SCORPIONS were given some acoustic shows in Lisbon. Their follow-up was recorded live album "Acoustica" (2001), which includes acoustic versions of old Skorpovskih hits and 3 new songs - respectively the same name followed by DVD.
The next couple of years, they have actively touring the world, in May 2003, Scorpions perform at the festival in front of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. In September, they play with the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation on the Red Square. Also this year for a bass guitarist Ralph Rikkermana took musicians from Krakow (Poland) Machivodu Paul (Pawel Maciwoda).

Scorpions - Rock legend of the world

"Unbreakable" (2004) blew up the world! Fans do not expect the return of their lyubimtsev.scorpions But now it was not there - SCORPIONS back to life by writing the worst after "Face The Heat" album. In July 2005, goes DVD В«Unbreakable World Tour 2004 - One Night in Vienna LiveВ», which consists of 2 parts: one devoted primarily to the concert in Vienna, which was held in the summer of 2004, on an island in the Danube, and the second part - is a unique material "Rockumentary" - a very extensive history of the band SCORPIONS: interviews, private video clips and much more, which makes it quite deeply into the history of the group. And in August 2006, the SCORPIONS were invited to perform at the landmark festival Wacken Open Air - after the show called it historic. At the concert, performed the songs for all the years of the band, and played on stage with the current Scorpions, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell and Tyson Schenker. This miracle can be seen on the DVD "Scorpions Live at Wacken Open Air 2006". Scorpio motto has always been "do not rest on our laurels" (DO NOT STOP AT THE TOP !!!) - they pottverdili it again!

In 2007 saw the release of the last to date disk SCORPIONS - "Humanity: Hour I". It's a concept album, which tells about the two major themes: the fate of mankind, and of course, the relationship of man and woman. The main difference from the previous disk "Unbreakable" is that this time the songs are not just hits, but also much more interesting as a musical point of view and from the point of view of the semantic load. And if the title is a hint of incompleteness, there is great hope for the "Hour 2" - SCORPIONS alive, energetic and as relevant as ever !!!



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